Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Tree is Up !

Tree without Flash
Tree with Flash

This wall was the wall for my quilts to hang from, I decided to take the last quilt down as it appeared to be getting quite dusty, I usually put my tree in front of our huge plate glass window, I have the couch there and did not want to move it, so I thought about making it look like there is a window there by using some tulle of an old wedding dress, then it looked too plain, so I found this dark dark blue with the white leaves and said well maybe it will look like snow !!  I did have colored lights and decided it did not look good, I think  the white lights make it look better.
I took these pictures just before the sun went down, thats why there appears to be extra white off to the side, the sun was real bright shining through the side window .


  1. Your tree is so pretty. I love all the snowflakes. Did you make those?

  2. How splendid. That looks great and just like there is a window there.


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