Monday, December 13, 2010

Recent Visit To North Florida

My sister and I arrived at Mom's in north Florida wed. evening just before dark, we had planned on going straight to town after we got there but decided to wait until in the am. So we went on to town thursday morning and spent most of the morning there, then did alittle bit of sewing that afternoon.
We planned on doing our baking on friday because Mom's brother was coming to visit and we had all day to bake so we started baking cookies , first it was chocolate chip cookies , I wanted to make my peanut butter cookies with the mini reese cups in the middle ,then Mom and Rexa wanted some Molasses cookies and so they made those and then we made Grandma's Brown Sugar cookies .Well in between us baking some and trying to make the house look good I was out on the back porch and was trying to think what to use for decorations, Mom gave me a few that she did not use inside, then I decided to look around the yard for dried stuff, Rexa was out there and found the dried leaves, flowers, grasses and dried goldenrod. Then I went looking for more and found the popcorn tree pods (white),
The cone like flower has a name but I don't know what it is, I just know it is a reddish color when it first opens in the spring, these are the dried ones Rexa found.
 We must have made at least 8 dozen cookies !
 Mom and Rexa, after she said.......... well where are the aprons we made a few years ago ,  Mom found 2 of them.

 Choc. chip, Peanut Butter/Mini ReeseCups and Molasses Cookies on Mom's red plate with the christmas quilt table top she made.


  1. Welcome home! It looks like you all had a wonderful time together!

  2. a family that quilts. how lovely. I am teaching my distant niece in the UK how to quilt, by email.
    I think you should all visit me for a day and do some baking lol
    Seasons Greeting from Australia


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