Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Snowman Collection

I have been collecting Snowmen for several years now ,every year I would buy one or two ,sometime three.It has gotten so big I have to keep making more room for them. Just last year I started adding the tree's and houses  &  just recently  the church was given to me .
This shows how it looks just as you walk in the house .
This is not snowmen but other Christmas stuff I have had for a long time ,some are new.
I also decorated Chloe's Dollhouse and she insited I take a picture of it too ,I brought her the mini tree to add to it, if we have time we might be making tiny gifts to put under it .

This is the reflection of my tree in the big picture window and the Christmas Table runner Mom made me , it is too pretty to put on my table, so I put it there for now.

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  1. Hi, found your blog from the weekly contest. I entered too and am browsing the blogs of others who entered. I LOVE your snowman collection. I'm drawn to all things snowmen! :D

    I entered for fun and am with some obviously very talented women. So many beautiful runners, including yours. It is very pretty!

    I've enjoyed stopping by your blog. Merry Christmas!


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