Thursday, October 21, 2010

A special Order For Crazy Quilts

When the Fall into Fall contest was going on I found this website by : Thearica Burroughs , her web site is :
 When I saw all the items she had for sale I knew I just had to order some as the prices were very good prices for these items .
So here are the pictures below .
Thearica put it all in this cute bag with balloons and sent me this card with it stateing that if I refer a friend I get 15% off my next purchase if they order !
Nice isn't it !
Five different mofits I ordered at least 2 of each , for some I got 3.

Five diferent venise lace by the yard
And the charms ! a School Bus for 2 family members, sewing machines for all of us that sew in the family,Yarn for Mom and a dragon fly for anyone. Prices are fantastic!
And Look at this ! A free Gift for ordering !! How sweet is that ! So all of this is good ! Go check it out at :   or   Oh ! and if you order let her know I sent you !   I am using all of these for crazy quilts and bible covers .She has a good variety of things to choose from ,I am going to keep my eyes open for Knitting needles and artist pallet with brushes  of the charms.


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  1. So glad you are enjoying your order Cheryl! Thank you again for doing business with me!

    I will be on the lookout for those charms you referred to. :)


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