Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Costmes

These are Sarah's and Chloe's Mermaid ballerina and Tinker bell, they picked out what they wanted, then we rummaged through about 6 tubs of fabric and this is what we picked out, so I did not have to buy anything this year !!

This is Samantha, my Daughter In Law, Her and her sister are having a halloween party for all the family today at her Mom's. She wanted to be an indian, first we found small pieces of volure then a couple days later I found this dusty rose volure, there was not enough for the fringe too, so we added the grey and the purple indian trim, I cut from a shirt I started to make years ago and never finished .
Pony beads make it look better!
Hem of skirt with more pony beads ,Sam put all those on herself .
Waylon wanted to be a cowboy ,he is using his Papa's supenders. Bradley is going to be a hunter, I did not get a picture of his yet. More pictures of the girls playing around with the costumes . Notice the wings on Chloe, they are from the butterfly wings of years earlier,I took off the top and use the bottom wings and turned them to look like Tinker Bells then there was a small flaw in the fine cloth so I added the ruffle, I used velcro to attach to her costume .


  1. Pretty, pretty fairies. I love how you came up with stuff to make these costumes without having to go out and buy stuff. That's the best!

  2. How nice it must be to be able to trick or treat without winter coats under your costume! All of the costumes are wonderful!

  3. Hi there, so glad you visited my blog, hope to see you often.
    We love the glamper, we call it that because it is short for glamor camping, which includes china, crystal, lace and more. It is such fun. TTFN Wanda roses in winter.


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