Sunday, October 17, 2010

Marble Sculpture -Philadelphia,PA. Train Station

I was so amazed at the time and work put into this sculptured Mural inside the train sation in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.
The first time I ever saw it was in 2000 when I took a train trip from Florida to Michigan to see my Daughter and her new baby Kayla Sue. At that time I was by myself , when we arrived there we had to wait for an hour or so to get on another train to Michigan, I did not see it right away but when I did ,I took  a picture of it on a disposeable camera , that camera did not do it justice, so when Mom, Rexa and I went to Pa, in 2008 I had a ditigal and this is what I got , it was a shame I could not get the whole mural in one shot . I just can't imagine how long it took the artist to do this, but it sure is a fantastic work of art ! . I thought it had something to do with different means of travel.  Humm.... Maybe there is one in another train station too, because I remember seeing the horses , wagon train , older train ,airplanes,stage coach ,boats and then the model T car,  I did not think the artist name was there but it is . I clicked on the picture and it looks like Karl Bitter-1895.
I spent an hour looking it up ,I thought it was in Washington DC.but found it in Pa's train station instead ,so I made the corrct changes on here.This same station in Philly is where the extra tall colums are too.there is alot of wonderful detailed work put into the architecture of this train station.

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