Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sketch Of Old Quilt Pattern

Remenber the old Quilt I showed on 10/20/2010 with 2 babies ? Well this is a rought sketch of what I think the pattern looks like ,when I say rough I mean rough .. I was in a hurry and did not draw it perfect.
Anyway this is what I could get from looking at the picture and there are about 4 rolls of the same pattern, but each one is lined up where the triangles come out on the sides they do not touch the next roll but they continue from top to bottom , the next roll will have the largest block in line with the two triangles coming out the sides.If you go look at the picture I think you will understand what I mean .
I am not that good at explaining it, but I can show it better .
I am also guessing about the quilt work as I cannot tell from the picture.
 Hope this is not confusing , but what I am after is to see if anyone might know the pattern name. If not I will try my hand at making the pattern myself and naming it after my great grandmother DaisyBell Ely .


  1. amazing ;)

    if you want follow me <3

  2. I have a very old book of quilt patterns and I looked throughout the book and did not find it. I am thinking she was very clever and put 3 blocks together and made her own pattern. Good luck!


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