Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Day with the Kids and Paint

After spending about an hour looking at all my High School Art work the night before , we all decided we wanted to try to paint like I did one where you put lots of paint on the paper and then blow with a straw. 
I could not remember the type of paint we used, but thought it was tempera , we used watered down acrylics and discovered it was harder to blow through the straw to get the paint to move so we left out the straw and just tilted the paper and blew that way , we had fun just the same .

Sarah decides she wants to use a brush  
   Waylon blowing hard with the straw
After awhile I decided to use some muslim fabric to use up what paint was left because I did not want to let it dry up.
                                  I will either use them for art Quilts or cut them in squares for a table top.
Bradley and his work looks similar to mine. 

This is the construction paper I used under the fabric to paint on , and the results ! well different to me... kind of looks like sky and water.

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