Monday, August 29, 2011

Craft Day

I had this board for a long time , I used to do wood burning art , and this is just an extra one that did not have anything on it except around  the edges ,  since Giraffe's are Chloe's favorite animal ...Samantha my DIL saw the giraffes in a book ,cut it out ,glued it to the board and  used pieces of tree bark and limbs ,along with tiny rocks ,also tree bark from a Crepe Myrtle Tree. ( the one curled up ) Chloe loved it .

These are some home made candle holders ,jar is marshmellow cream jar and the tins are from tuna and vienna sausage can's , we use the ting rocks and shells, and also the half marbles on glass with rocks in between , very simple to do. I love the biggest one lit up !
These crafts were done over the summer , I have lots to catch up on.... .hopefully I will be posting more often now.

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