Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another Yard Sale Find !

We went to an Upholstery  shop that was going out of business, this is just some of the threads I picked up,I know the bobbins will not fit my machines but I can still use the thread for top stitching, embroidery work and maybe machine sewing .  
The tapestries was very few but I did pick up the sample book and the one cloth and a leathery look fabric.
I want to use all these tapestries for crazy quilting, I can just see the beads, embroidery work, buttons, ribbon and charms on them! I just love this one !

There are 30 sheets and all colors and designs ,I will probably use all of these in one quilt .I went back to get more threads but another lady beat me to it !! Ahhh!!!!

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