Friday, July 15, 2011

They are Back !!!

Remember all the fuss about Walmart taking the fabrics out of the stores ?! 

Well they are back ! This is the new fabric Dept. in Auburndale 's Walmart store . 
I was so happy to hear they were bringing it back , Only a few of the stores are adding them back .They really never should have taken them away.
Thank you Walmart !!

Chloe say's she wants the one way up there !

Sarah can't decide because there are so many buttons to chose from ....she loves them all !
This is my first fabric buy for now , when we get paid I will be going back for more . I do love the quilt shops but they are pretty expensive , and this is closer to home too .Now I can just go there for the necessary items and grab some fabric at the same time .Patterns !.......... would you believe only $1.97 each !


  1. I wish they would all come back. Wonder which areas will be getting them back?

  2. They never took it out of our Walmart. I called and left a complaint with the corporate office when I heard they were thinking of taking it out. The ladies who work in the fabric department were telling everyone to do so. It must have worked. I just wish they would add more fabrics and notions, and upgrade a bit.

  3. HI! They never took the fabric out of our Walmart in Nebraska either. I don't buy the fabric often, but they have a great selection of buttons at a good price. My sister had a bad experience with fabrics she bought from Walmart wearing out much sooner in a quilt she made, so I have been hesitant about their quality.



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