Friday, July 8, 2011

Mom Knows How To Stay Busy !

Last time I went to Moms she had several more quilt tops made, some for gifts, some for donations and some to just keep . I love how she made these 3 that I am showing now, the top one she got out of a magazine I left with her. I love how she made the boarder to this , it is different .
This second one is also out of one of my magazines it is called Layered Bricks 
This last one is out of one of her quilt books and it is left over basket weave blocks ,some were matches to ones I have in my large Basket Weave Quilt .Mom knows how to stay busy and loves to make new tops , she always has new ones to show when I get there. So if she is not sewing, she is reading or working outside in her flower garden if it isn't too hot. 


  1. Love you Mom's style, and the quilt tops. What a delight to see.
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  2. You are right, your mom is a great scrap quilter! I love her work! I also admire how she keeps herself busy. I need to take some lessons from her on how to be productive with non structured time.


  3. The tops look great...I especially like the layered bricks! Does she plan to hand quilt them?


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