Monday, July 25, 2011

Kids Crafts - What Fun !!

I had 3 of my Grandchildren with me last Saturday night .So after playing outside , on the computer and eating Pizza I decided to let them make a scrap book .
We used brown paper bags the ice cream comes home in , we cut the bottoms off then took out the seam where it was glued and folded in half length wise -cut, then devided in 3's and cut, fold that in half and punched holes in it with a hole puncher then added Raffia  for the binding to hold it together.Which gave us several pages to work with .
Then I gave them all a bunch of magazine's I no longer wanted to keep , they had a ball cutting out their favorite thing, Chloe left some to draw and color herself .
The giraffe's we saw from the computer it was very bright , her favorite animal .Sarah's is Horses and Waylon loves dogs and tigers 
They were pretty tired after this,  we had some ice cream and then they watched some more TV, got up the next morning and went to church with Grandma.

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  1. What fun these kiddoes must have had making these great books.


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