Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Difficult Pattern

Back in 2008 just before we went to Pa.to visit my sister picked out this pattern from one of my mag.'s called "Quiltmaker" this was part of a pattern called Patchwork Garden. There was a series of 4 lessons or 4 different quilts that could have been put together to make one .

My sister Rexa picked out the colors she wanted , Mom had decided just before I went up last June to try to get it started , she got this much done, it was not very big , I thought it was going to be a wall hanging but Rexa insits it was to be a big quilt , so Mom was having  a hard time trying to make 6 panels just like this one.

I told her that there were 3 other ones with different pattern designs to go with it but that we really need the other 3 books to do it , I found one here .Anyway my sister Rexa has recently been to visit with Mom and she has made quite a few changes, so hope Mom will be able to get it the way she told me how it was to be done , Rexa says it will be simple, Mom does not agree..... so when I go back later we will see how this turns out . It will probably take her awhile to do it as there are quite a few blocks that call for handwork  .

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