Sunday, August 8, 2010

White & Blue Lung Cancer Quilt -Done!

Finally I am done with the lung Cancer Quilt .After looking at both plans I had for Tracey she decided on the one with the dark blue sashing.I used what fabric I had in my stash ,I had quite a bit of sky blue with the clouds and some nice water fabric that I mostly use for my landscape quilts.
The dark blue is of water also, I had alot of that,I machine quilted X's in the blocks, then left the sashing plain.I drew and applicaded the ribbon  out of the flanel that was left over from the backing .I then applicaded the word :" HOPE " with the dark blue fabric and use the blanket stitch on all of that , For the boarder I machine quilted the circles on 2 corners to reprecent the inside of our lungs and stripled the rest.

This is of the back , I brought the best flanel from HeartFelt Quilt shop on sale last week.I reconment flanel for backing but I think it should be in color, not white.But I got this because it was on sale and because the ribbon is white for lung cancer .


  1. Beautiful quilt. You did and awesome job.

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