Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mom's Quilt in Contest

Emboridered Quilt in weekly Blogger Contest -This one is my Mom's ,she spent years working on this one ! There are 20 large squares ,all hand emboridered. The flowers in the middle are crocheted . and then she hand quilted around all this .
Lets help her get some votes ,she is 82 and I feel like she deserves a win .here's the link
The name of the quilt is White with Blue Emboridery Quilt  by Daisy Schoonover, Thanks everyone !


  1. Voting Done!

    (PS! Your link did not work for me.)

  2. Doesn,t work for me also---cottonreel

  3. Thanks for voting and also thanks for letting me know it did not work, I fixed the link, I simply forgot to type in 2 l's in gallery .sorry about that .


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