Monday, August 30, 2010

Learned Something New !

               The pictures I will be showing are of white cotton dyed with rusty items ! Yes ! Rusty !!!
        I learned this from another blogger, LuAnn Kessi of  "May Your Bobbin Always Be Full" was doing a tutorial on how to dye cloth with rusty items, I was so ready to try this and I did . Of course I did ask her permission before posting and she said it was ok and that she loves to inspire others,  I do too . It was so much fun taking the cloth and items out of the bag after dipping the cloth in vinegar and then wraping them around the rusty items .
       I did not use the string to hold them together like she did , I was in too big a hurry to try it , this is the results .Stunning ! This one just above was wrapped around a Dollar store silver platter that was outside rusting. The first one was wrapped around my old iron dutch oven that I was using in the garden.
This one was an old tin baking pan.
Not sure what this one is but I did use a couple food  tin cans that had used for paint cans for water.This was with one of the others , a small piece of fabric, after washing & drying I tried the leaf ponding, the darkest one is from a purple flower, you can barely see the light green, that is from a hibscuit, the other dark one I do not know the name but it has pink  flowers 2 times a yr. I was just expermenting with tha , not sure I like to pound them in. I have another plan for the fabric, maybe this winter I will start it. I will show the finishing product probably next year sometime if not before .
It is so surprising how you can do so much with things like rusty items & dying fabric. I wonder if there is anything else I don't know about .

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