Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making A Crazy Quilt Mess!

This is the mess I am making in my room where I sew, the table is  full of everything under the sun... along with all the satins, silks, taffadas, velvets, brocades and a ton of lace and trims! I have tried to keep everything in order, but I am just not that organized when it comes to making stuff I love to make. As you can see I also have a bag of crackers, a paint stick, a thrift store card all combined with the fabrics and I can barely see out of my window, that is another thing I need to do is wash the windows! Who Has time for that when you're having fun making these!
I am now in the process of getting them ready for the handwork ,which will take some time, if I was at Mom's she would be doing alot of that. Some of the sqaure ones are the last of a quilt top, the last 3 bigger ones are for bible covers. I will show them agian when I have them done.
My cousin Susan asked me to do a tutorial on how to make the crazy quilt blocks, I will get to that soon, I keep forgetting to take the pictures as I sew, which is hard for me as I like to keep going once I get started, but I will do it !
Oh and the mess it will stay there until I am done ,then I will spend a day just cleaning that up.
Keep watch for the finished items,I will post as they are done .


  1. Beautiful!!! I just love all the color and texture!

  2. Hello, I love love love this. NOw you inspired me to make a crazy quilt also THANKS


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