Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Contest Winnings

Finally !!
Fabric I won has arrived !!
After countless orders and failed e-mails we have this prize straighten out ..I had received an e-mail from Christine at the "Around The Block Quilt Shop" in O'Fallon,Il. right after I found out my" Under Water Wonders" Quilt won the Seashore quilt contest at the "Quilting Gallery" Weekly Contest a month ago. 
 I was to chose what I wanted for $30.00 , I did that sent it back, waited and waited, no re-ply so I e-mailed them and she told me to try agian, did that and waited some more, after 2 or 3 more failed e-mails we finally got it done, she wanted to call me, but being a deaf person it is hard to wait by the phone for someone to call me using the relay service, so I decided to call her and this is the results ! 
 I am really thrilled ,most of  the fabric is for a special quilt  and I can't wait to get started but I have some other projects that need my attention at this time ,so hopefully by Oct. I can get to it, I also need to decide on a pattern .
I want to say Thank You to everyone who voted, for the Quilt Gallery for the contest and for the Quilt shop for the gift, it is a wonderful feeling and fun to do.

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