Saturday, June 26, 2010

Off Too Visit With Mom In Live Oak.Florida !

This is Mom and the pictures were taken I think after we got back from Pa. in 2008 .Every morning she puts on her long sleeve shirt ,boots and a hat ,goes out to feed the chickens and birds , (Chickens no longer here ) ,then she waters the flowers if they need it , by looking at this last pic. I would say it is fall because of the leaves on the ground .Those are from the tree right by the house  .She is always so full of energy !
Now that it is summer it will be too hot to stay outside much, so we take this time to stay inside with the air on to plan, cut & sew our quilts or anything else we need to make .I have 2 quilts at her house now that I plan to finish while there ,one is a basket weave and the other is an art quilt that my Aunt showed on her blog last Feb.and hopefully I can get another one finished that was started about 4 or 5 yrs ago.
So I will be on my way on sunday morning ,we will visit awhile and then probably get started on sewing monday morning ! Hope to accomplish alot ! I will not be able to post everyday but when ever I visit with my sister while there  she will let me use her computer .


  1. Tell her I said "Hello" and I think those pictures were taken when I visited with her the first time. Does that sound right to you?


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