Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crochet Rugs

Last year when  I made some jackets and small fleece blankets I had some scraps left over , I am a stcker for saving everything ,so I took them with me to Mom's and asked her if she thought we could make a rug out of it and she said we can try ,well she started it and then I finished it but I think I cut most of it too wide , it is ok but I am afraid someone may trip over it so I thoughtt maybe I could put it in a lawn chair or something .this is the top one .
This other one is from a couple of my skirts that I wore to church and they were getting kind of ragged so I cut them up and made this one ,it is very light weight ! but I love it and I plan to keep this one by my bed  .They were fun to do and I plan to make more ,Mom has used t-shirts, sheets and mostly just any cotton fabric's ,I have learned alot from my Mom and she will probably have something new for me to learn when I see her next .
I have seen alot of new ways to use fabric for crocheting and the fleece would be good for the totes and handbags, maybe bowls ?

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