Friday, June 18, 2010

Back On-Line with New Computer !

Ok I am back on-line agian .After 2 weeks of waiting ,trying to be patient,having to spend more than we wanted and running into so many problems since I got this back that ,I did not think I was suppose to even get back to blogging agian ,thank goodness for really wonderful friends ! We are back and we hope there will not be any more problems in the future .
Now that I can see all the wonderful & colorful pictures of everyone's blogs I cannot belive I waited so long to get to this , after 2 years of fuzzy pictures and not being able to add new stuff was a bummer for me  .The old car you see here is just another art idea for a quilt I plan to make someday , I have not even tried to download any new photo's yet .I am taking it slow for now ,I want to learn everything all over agian, so it may take some time , I will be able to get to a couple pictures that would not load before .So I may do that before I add any new pictures ,I do have quite a few to add since I had alot more time to get them done  .
It feels so good to be back to Blogging agian !

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