Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rexa's Quilt

 My sister Rexa had seen this in a magazine I had taken to Mom's about 4 or 5 years ago , it started out small , then she decided she wanted it bigger so between Mom ,Rexa and I we had changed it around several times and added some other patterns that we liked.
 We have been working on it for 4 years putting it on the wall and Mom would take it down and work on it until we went back up to her house.Which was not real often , maybe every 4 months or longer.
This has been on the wall since the end of Dec of 2013 .

 Mom has had me working on the applique's every time I went up , and this last time we had almost all of it ready for the Blanket stitching ,so I finished all that while there last week .

It is now ready for Mom to put the blocks together

Basket with Flower from another pattern
Just a simple Flower
                                               Sun Flower
  This and the pink one look like cherry's but not sure what the designer calls it.
                        This will be a Bunny Rabbit under a Tulip Flower
This last picture shows how it will look once she gets the blocks together, then the sashings , there will be a row of 2 inch squares then a 5 or 6 inch boarder.
 Mom will be doing hand quilting on it and adding the emboridered eyes to the insects and bunny rabbit.  
I will show a finish quilt when she gets it done .

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