Thursday, March 13, 2014

Craft Class For March

My helpers and I decided we would like to have the children get started on Mother's Day Gifts For all the Church Ladies !
So we came up with the idea to make Mug Rugs , I ironed some plain cloth onto Freezer paper ,cut them in squares and rectangles .I gathered up some paints , stamp pads , Fabric markers and crayons. 
I made a couple samples for the children to get an idea what we wanted them to do.

 This one is my grand daughter Sarah's , she pretty much followed my sample along with an idea of her mothers, it is all free hand and she used the Fabric markers.
This is Issac's once he saw the stamps he was really into this so this one is all paint.
George  the oldest boy there used markers and paint .
 This one is Bethany's , she wore a plain white satin blouse ,so I asked her to do hers in crayons ,but when she saw others with the stamps she wanted to do that too, so I helped her with it , I did not want her to get paint on he blouse !  Her's is crayons and paint.

This is Issac's first one ,he started out with the Fabric markers, he did not have very much on it when he said he was done , I said really ! don't you think we could add some more to it , so I got him started with the stamps .



 Some of these I do not remember who's is who's .Hard to keep track when they forget their names .

 These 2 are my daughter -in-law  Samantha's , she was suppose to help and did but wanted to draw too.
This one is a sample I made and Sarah went by this for her's 
 These 4 were done by the  youngest in the whole group , toddlers , done with crayons, my Grandson Waylon helped Ms Robin with them.
When I pick them up after letting them dry really good I will bring them all home , Iron the colors into the fabric,then use batting and backing, machine quilt them, then add the binding.
When Mothers Day comes the children will pick someone in church to give the Mug Rugs to, They will also be making all their own Mothers a card.
I got this surprise at the last craft meeting, Ms Robin made these for all the class teachers.

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