Friday, April 4, 2014

Creative Grandchrildren

Last week was Spring Break for us , so Samantha and I had plans to go to Mom's and take both girls and Waylon with us.
Sarah had gotten and machine for Christmas last year
we took it with us and the next day after getting to Grandma's she decided she was going to sew, while we were in another room she had already cut out 
what she wanted to make .
Very intense worker
                                                  Got to be just right
                                                             Almost done
                                            Chloe decided she wanted to try it too
           Sewing away                        
Two proud girls 

                   Even Waylon decided to try it and he enjoys sewing also.
                                                Sarah trying another one


  1. Oh my gosh, their blocks are fantastic! Good job girls!

    1. Thank you Susan , I was so amazed that they did so well , Sarah had been talking about sewing for quite awhile so by the second day we were at Mom's she was ready , no one showed her or told her what to do , she justy got her a plain block and started cutting out the pieces for the house and the others followed her idea .I am really proud of her and the other 2 .
      I want to make it into a wall hanging for them ,but maybe i will let them do most of that too.

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