Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Look Whats New!!!

My Husband had been looking on-line for a nice van for several months now , Well he found this one at the same place where I brought the old blue Dodge that I have had for 11 years , the old van was a very good old Faithful van that got us to so many places, including to north Florida to Mom's, back and forth to Tampa many times to the Va. for my husband !!
 However the blue one had an awfull lot of miles on it and the little things like the windows not working and etc. ,so after saving money for several months we finally decided to go look at another one, we wanted something that was not too old , .this one is a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan.
It will take some getting used to as there are so many different gadgets and etc.that I am not used to and etc.It does however drive very good .
So now maybe I can go to north Florida more often to spend some extra time with Mom to sew and quilt ..
 I am also hoping to do a little bit of extra traveling, but need to save money for that too.

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