Friday, January 3, 2014

Sarah and her new Machine ~Learning to Sew!


 I Had brought her a play sewing machine for Christmas that  she had shown it to me on a TV commerical,
This is her OH  WOW!! look

 'However the toy machine was not any good ,the seams were chain stitched and pulled apart when you open the seam .took it back and brought her a real machine ....which I did not intend to buy at the time but they only had 4 left ,it is a Vivo Create and Repair by Singer for only 59.00 so I got it and she loves it , she is a very fast learner and did pretty good.

I drew a quarter inch seam with pencil for the baby doll quilt she followed it very good .
That Look telling me I am making her nervous!! LOL
 Baby Doll quilt all put together with my help of course.
A night gown she made she did the seams and hemmed the bottom and the sleeves I finished the neck and the lace , she tried to sew the lace but it kept going off on her even though we pinned it . 
I had told her that if she stays with the sewing ,that maybe she could make her first quilt by herself to enter it in the Quilt Show in Oct.
 She has watched me many times on how to do this .
 I finished the quilt with backing and binding .later I will teach her to do the yarn ties .
This is the toy machine that is no good , it was of course made in China ,we took that and her sisters knitting machine back as it did not work either, both were $20.. a piece!

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