Friday, July 11, 2014

Dresses I Made For Silver Spur Cloggers

 I had gotten a message from a friend asking if I was interested in making some dresses for a team of Cloggers who are a non-profit group that work with children that want to dance .
After lots of discussions and a visit it was decided that I will make them with my DIL's help . The leader Patti told me that she felt like the Lord had sent an angel to her that had the same vision she did , after trying for a year she was so excited that I was willing to make them and have as many as I could for the 4th Of July Event at Mosic Park in Bartow ,Fl.
 I managed to get 13 dresses made and fixed her dress in 21 days .I needed to get them done on time for my daughters visit to Fl . from Mich. as we had already  made plans for a Family  Reunion on the 28th of June. We made it back in time for the event.Below are some of the girls ,and they are all so happy !!
 This is Yvonne
 Patties dress ,I had to make a new back because of the way someone else put in the zipper ,then I added the ruffles to the skirt and neckline , She fell in love with it!
 Jessica , a very good 4 yr old dancer
 At the event -Patricia with Chloe and Sarah-- I did not make the black and blue outfits ,just the Zebra with blue and silver.
All of them dancing
 Patti and Allen both have been planning this event for a year! A Very Happy Couple !

Notice the tiny little girl in left corner and the little boy on the right ,she is about 2 or 3 and he is 4

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