Friday, October 3, 2014

Machine Quilting a 5 Generation Quilt For A friend

 My friend Donna had asked me about finishing up this quilt for her by making the backing to fit and quilting it.
 She wanted to tell about the quilt on the back so I asked my niece Kim to do the words for me on her special emboridery machine.
 Donna told me that she received the quilt her gr Grandmother made but some of the old feed sack fabric messed up,  she was trying to preserve what was still good, so she took some of it apart and made it look like this .
At first I was going to ask my Mom to hand quilt it, but with her having health issues and had so much to do she said it would be after the holidays to get to it , so I decided to go ahead with the machine quilting and keeping in  mind that it was old I made an X in all the squares to keep it together better with a special fancy stitching. Donna had sent me light blue thread so it is hard to see where it has been stitched, but we love it just the same . I would do this with the one I found in a hide away couch that was here when we brought this house. Anyway I am proud of Donna for accomplishing something like this, she has not been quilting very long! Good Job Donna !!

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