Thursday, July 17, 2014

Schoonover Family Reunion

Tina, Rexa,Mom and I have been planning a family Reunion for over a year.
We decided to have it at the River Rendezvous in Mayo ,Florida , which is near Mom and Tina.
We decided the date  June 28th because it was Mom and Dad's Anniversary  date (6-28-1947) and Grandma Schoonover's birthdate   (6-28 1902 )
 Myself with Royce ,Rexa and Clifford, Mom , Tina and Gary
Most of my Family -11 did not come 
 Most of Rexa's family -4 of hers did not come
All of Tina's family was there
This is 45 of us  but we had 52 there on sat for the dinner . We had lots of plans to do games and etc. but it was so hot most of them stayed in the water, part time in the spring pool and part time in the regular pool , we did manage to do some tie dye shirts , I made up a little bit of the family tree but some of it was not all in there, so I am making a bigger one for next year.  We had ton's of food, Gary cooked lots of hot dogs hamburgers Fri. night,  the next day he cooked ribs ,Kevin and Jason helped .
It was so good to see everyone  some came from Ohio ,Mich. Minn. and Miss, as well as most of us from here .
Hoping to go to Tennessee next year!
 Back in March we had gone down to check on the water level at the camp it was really high and part of the camp was flooded The first sign on the tree shows how high it was this year the top one was in 2009
The Spring Pool where they spent most of their time
 Tina ,Gary and Jason the first night there cooking!
Bradley showing Teddy some hints about his excellent fishing talent!

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  1. So glad it all worked out, looks like you had a good time. Your mother was thrilled with the outcome. Well worth all of your hard work!!


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