Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pillow Top Finally Done!

                    I had this pillow top started about 10 years ago/ I was making several for gifts ,this was an extra one that I had set aside ,the flowers are free hand drawn on to satin ,then I used Coloring pencils for the color , however it looked like it was faded some so ,I got out a good set of Artist Color Pencils and re- colored the flowers and leaves , then I notice a small tear in a couple of places , so I got out my emboridery threads and started the french knots in the center of the flowers to help cover the tear, it worked, but then did not look finished, so I did the chain stitch on all the rest ,I will be adding a bumble bee and lady bug to it.
I found some peach color lace at Mom's that would be perfect around it gathered up , but there was not enough ,I am thinking I might have more so I have to get down my big box of lace and see , if not then I will use 3 or 4"plain white or antique white.
 I hope to get this done and add it to my stash of items to sell.

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