Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cloth Art~ Mugs Rugs ~ Watermelon

  I got this idea from my cousin Susan, these were done by ironing cloth onto freezer paper, they used fabric markers and then I found some fabric crayons I have had for a long time , They had lots of fun doing this!
When they got done I ironed them again and then took off the freezer paper , the iron sets the color, then I got some batting and backing ,machine quilted them and added the binding last night. The girls gave theirs to Papa for his Birthday today .He was not sure about using them for mug rugs, so we may hang them all together with ribbon.
Mine , I was just dooling , and copied some drawings off the crayon box. and just added a couple little things to it.
             I did not finish mine yet .Maybe later tonight when it is cooler.

   Afterwards they had some watermelon ! We tried the scoop to see if we could get the ball shape ,we found out you have to go deep and twist really good to get them and so it looked wastefull but they still ate it all!    ( Not the whole watermelon ,only what I cut for them)


Your comments are much appreciated.I would love to know your thoughts ,Thank You.