Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Blue Jean Bags

                      Extra Large bag for the Beach or just travel.
                      inside bag is brown satin to match the chiffon.
                        Lace is from different old dresses
This I found inside the pants pocket It says Original Faded Glory Authentic Denim 1972, I was shocked when I saw this and it was after the legs had been cut off . The bag sold right away!
Basket weave seams from cut off jeans over a green and blue plaid taffeda ,with braided handles , the other side has a painted pocket on it, forgot to take a pic. of that.
This one is from a child's Jean  pants leg 
Childs cut off turned side ways with tiger flower
Two more child size bags with daisy flowers  
Made some Yoyo flowers for this one.

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  1. cute. Love what you are coming up with here. No wonder they sell quickly.


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