Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blue Jean Beach Bag

My sister Tina asked me to make a big beach bag for her friend ,so I took a large pair of pants that I had on hand ,cut off the legs , use the legs for the side,handles and bottom then use pockets from other jeans on the sides and inside , there are 16 pockets all together.
I also made an extra pocket where the zipper is , kind of hard to do when you don't want the thread to show . I lined with a heavy cotton ,made a ruffle out of it for the front pockets ,then left a 1/4 inch showing around the top.Had a zipper flower on had to add to it, normally I would put a sraf in the belt loops , I left that up to her to add if she wants it .
Her friend loves the bag , I can make more to order.

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