Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Jones and Williams Family Crest

 My  niece came to me last fall asking if I could make a quilt Like this picture without the name , I told her I could try .
 In Jan. of this year we went to Joanne's fabric's and brought the fabric and batting, The red is heavy velour upholstery ,the black is light weight velour, the white is almost fur like and the boarder is a heavy Brocade.
I first had to make a pattern,so I used freezer paper for the shield and the tree, then I cut out the stripes and the tree and  did machine embroidery stitching all around the tree and the red stripes
I then added different size pearl beads to make it look like the leaves.

I was not sure if I should have machine quilted on the red ,so I left it and let her decide, she liked it without , so I only machine quilted the boarder. They all loved the quilt -wall hanging.
Hope to make more like this and others .

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