Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flowers ~~ New & Old~~

 The new Cala Lilies my daughter DeeDee gave to me for Easter , they start out a dark color, then turn pink to white, they are growing tall and it has many blooms .I love it !!
 The Dyed Pom Poms from Kevin and Sam ,they lasted a long time ,I have them in a book press ,hope they stay Blue !
Begonia  given  to me by Robin when we went to the Light For The Lost Banquet.

 A Spider Plant in an old coffee maker that did not have all the parts to it .
My Pink~Lavendar Trumpit Vine
A cutting from the Begonia Family, I am trying to root, the flowers get huge. 
My first red rose for this year.

Wild Daisies that Chloe picked for me
Then she picked this Hibiscut

                 Orange Tiger Lily
Can't remember this ,had for years 
My Staghorn is getting huge!
 Mixer of new flowers

These came back!
Crown of Thorns plant  started really small  ,it is 3 feet tall now.

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