Saturday, January 7, 2012

Simple Handbags

While I was at Mom's in Nov. I made all these simple handbags for Christmas gifts for all the girls in my family. I did not have a pattern I just took what I had left of a Fat Quarter added some batting and backing in rectangle shape , I folded in half sewed 2 side seams and then on the bottom I pinched it and made another seam to get the flat look .
Then I cut 3 more strips, one extra wide for a cuff and 2 same size for straps ,cut 2 small squares for extra pockets and bingo, simple hand bag .

This one is done with 4 patch squares and 4 in. squares 
and is larger than the first one.

These 2 are smaller and all of them are machine quilted ,
some of them I made crochet flowers with a button on them .

 These were made from left over patches of quilts .

                                     The next 2 are  lots smaller for little girls .

My sister Rexa asked for 3 .

This one I made the flower you saw on another post ,
I like it on the bag but it does not have to stay there,I have yet to find out if she likes it .


 I made this one for my sister Tina's Granddaughter ,it matches the quilt Mom made.All of the larger bags have a heavy peice of cardboard on bottom for better shape ,the little ones still need the cardboard.


Your comments are much appreciated.I would love to know your thoughts ,Thank You.