Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mirror's For The Blue Birds

Several times when we went to Mom's we would see a blue bird land on the car mirror's, Mom had said that is the only time she see's them. So Tina decided to come up with a plan , ,she had several small mirrors at home, then went to town and came back with the round ones.
Then while Rexa and I was making the cushions for the swing Tina made these ,One for Mom , with the red, one for herself and one for me, mine is the smallest .

When Tina brought the round ones they came with a part to hang them with, at first she was going to hang it on the tree ,then we decided it would be better if the bird had a place to land to look in the mirror, so Tina took one home with her to show Gary and this is what he came up with , the wood platform !! He burned the wood to make it look like this ,so he made 2 and Mom's is now hanging on the tree right where she can see it from the porch swing.
Mom loves it ,hopefully the bluebird will too.
I may not put mine outside ,I have it laying on a table with a quilt top for now.

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  1. those are just beautiful! I think i would have used small pegs around the mirrors to give them multiple perches. I get three pair of blue birds every year, maybe if they work ill have to try to make one for myself!


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