Monday, January 2, 2012

Mom's Birthday

                Before my sister Rexa and I went to Mom's for her birthday we had to go to Joanne's for fabric .Our sister Tina wanted to make Mom a new cushion for the porch swing..
So Friday morning we started the cushions , the flower and the green is what we brought at Joanne's and of course it was pretty expensive , so glad Rexa had a coupon !!
We was going to buy the 4 or 5 in thick foam but it was more than our pocketbook could handle ! So we went to Walmart and brought the foam that you can put on your bed .
Well it still was not thick enough folded, so we used the old flat ones in between the foam and it was then thick enough to be comfortable.The blue flower and green was only one yard. Tina wanted to add blue Jean to it, that is why there are so many colors , the plain dark and light blue,tan and brown is all blue jean pants fabric . Mom loves it !

 The last picture is close up of that real expensive fabric ...we just had to have it !!
Tomorrow I will show what Tina made .

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