Monday, December 12, 2011

I am Back !!! I Have new stuff to show !!

    I am so glad to be back to Blogging !!! I have missed it so much !! And the reason for not being able to is because my other computer just all of a sudden lost all my programs ,internet explorer,& many other things ,  I could not get them back . Just last week my husband found this one for a good deal ,he asked if I wanted it now or for Christmas ...You can bet I said NOW!!! LOL
Ok long story short , in October I was busy with DR. appointments for myself and my husband, then I was wanting to go on to Mom's, but my sister Rexa had asked me to help with a Halloween party she had planned , so I ended up helping with the party which turned out excellent , I will post pictures and a story about that in Jan . I have other Christmas stuff to show now . Then right after the party my baby sister and Mom came here to get me ,from here we went to Fabric Warehouse in Lakeland , then to Peoples BBQ in Auburndale!! So good !! Got to Live Oak before dark.
  I was only going to stay with Mom for 2 weeks , it was with our understanding that Rexa would come up after 2 weeks but she could not make it, so I was there for 3 weeks !!
Mom and I got so much sewing done , we finished quilts we had started, then we cut out more lap quilts, table tops for Christmas and everyday , we made 18sq. pot holders , 12 dredsen pot holders ,18 flower pot holders, one star and one round ,12 stockings , 12 pillow cases 9 PJ bottoms , 9 hand bags  ,couple of dresses, started 4 more quilt tops with Mom , made some scrunchies ,Mom knitted some wash rags .
The  quilt you see on this post is my first free hand ,free motion whole cloth quilt , the pink you see is the starting point, it will wash out, then from that main flower I just worked my way around the rest with what ever came to me . I plan to make more like this .
There is probably more to tell about, but this is the first time we have ever made so many different things and had a ball too!
So with time I will be showing everything we made along with my Christmas sewing ,decorating and etc.
 I am very happy to be blogging again !!!!!


  1. I´m impressed with your terrific FMQ and how much you and your Mom managed to get done in a few days.
    I also hope I´ll be able to find what a knitted wash rag is. Sounds interesting! I´ve got a lot to wash and clean!

  2. Thank you Beatriz....She just knitted me a small square of all cotton yarn about 6"x6" , She makes them bigger for most of us ut I like them small,it is easier to was dishes with and yes I use it for the counters too , They are great for lots of cleaning.

  3. This is very do beautiful fmq


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