Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Stockings

We had fun making these ,the first one is appicade I went and brought some ornaments at walmart and put those on there Mom already had the weath , I was trying to find more ,no luck there.
the others we just did what came to us .I love the 2'Square ones ,I put buttons on the x's in the squares .

This one above is not finished , it was another one of my ideas ,I will be adding more to it, it is for myself so if I don't get it done this year, I will for next year.

These last 4 were for Grandchildren that live next door, I was going to let them decorate them, they took them home, maybe we will get to them soon.
My pictures are not going where I want them to, the quilted square stockings are suppose to be with the last two.

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  1. Cheryl,
    Love the primitive looking stocking, it sure looks like you folks sewed up a storm. I bet your mom had a ball with your extended visit!!. We leave for Florida some time after the 15th of January, but are traveling with friends, so don't know when we will arrive at your mom's house, will keep her posted.


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