Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yard Sale Find !

Remember these highchairs where there are steps that fold up under the seat .
I remember Grandma Schoonover having one.... us kids loved it .
I found it at a yard sale last weekend ,they were asking $15. for it I got it for $10.     
This tall book case was only $2.00! 
The butterflies $1.00 each.

I will be cleaning up the chair and repainting it ,maybe cover the seat with cloth.,I want it to look vintage and I will show it again when it is done.
The book case I need in my room for more books and etc, sewing stuff of course !
The butterflies I plan to repaint like the ones I did for my friend Tracey and then hang them out front with my flowers .


  1. Hey, you found one too! I think our chairs are the same, except mine is yellow and white. I also got mine for $10...good deal!

  2. I am envious!! I have been wanting an "up-up" chair!! I had one I inheirated from my MIL, but it feel apart. :( I hope I find a buy like yours one of these days!!



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