Thursday, April 21, 2011

Table Top For Ms Robin

This is the random color table top ,I just started cutting the 2 inch squares and then randomly sewed them up .
  This is the outcome ,it is almost 8 feet long ,I had asked members of the family how long the table was and they said they were almost sure it was an 8ft table , so I decided to make it shorter than that so it would not hang over the edge too short or too long .
I did not have a place to hang it to take the picture so, my husband held it at the top of his Golf cart for me. 
This one is the bottom up close 
the middle up close 
The top up close 
Robin was really surprised , it was her anniversary and Birthday present as they both are 2 days apart.
She loves it , took it home and let me know that it fit perfect on the table ,in fact the table was lots smaller than what we thought ,she said it hangs over the edge just right ,I will have to get a picture of it on her table .

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