Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Time with Aunt Kathy & Lou

Aunt Kathy with Lou and Estee          

                          Royce and Lou talking about things in common            

             Aunt Kathy with my sister Rexa, waiting on the Ribs Kevin was cooking

                    Abby and Sarah tending to Estee , resting after a walk              

                     Catching up on news of family and old times
                                          Abby ,Sarah and Emily
          Strawberry cake Aunt Kathy made ,it was very good !                            

                            Newest member to Dusty's family ,Wyatt Curtis Banks ,Rexa's grand baby

                             This is the first time Aunt Kathy has ever been to my house, so I was pretty busy getting it ready for her visit. I am so glad we got together here as we all really enjoyed the  visit .It turned out really good .                                                                                                                                                           After awhile all the younger ones went next door to Kevin's with  the little kids to give us older ones a chance to talk . Royce & Lou hit it off right away as they both had alot in common talking about the VietNam war.
                              My aunt can write a better story and has one on her blog, I will get that down later ,we talked about quilting, sewing ,our time with the costume shop, what we do now and etc, I showed her some quilts she has only seen pictures of and a couple new ones. I gave her a small wall hanging of an old school room .She was pleased about that. She also liked the Farm quilt I had in the weekly contest this past weekend .And really liked the beaded one !
                              There was so much I wanted to show her and talk about, but the afternoon went by too quickly and they had to leave . I had plans to show her the church mural up close ,that will have to wait another another time , I sure hope we can do this again next time they come to Florida. They were going to stay a few more days in Tampa then heading to her son's house and then go to NASA for a visit and then on their way back to Wellsboro ,PA. ,Our home town .She said we all need to go back up there to visit and I am more than willing to go ,so we plan to start another saving to go again. Hopefully by car or Van this time and not worry about a train. But I don't think I want to be the Driver this time .
Kathy's blog is ......    http://ontheroadwithlouandkathy.blogspot.com    or just look on my list of followers off to the side and it will be there
                            I was worried about it being too hot so my daughter-in-law & I put up a canopy , and we had 3 fans going too, so it was fine ,I don't think anyone complained about the heat. We was going to go borrow tables and chairs from the community center, but when Rexa got here, her and the kids all got extra tables and chairs from in here and around the house , as you can see the little girls were all seated at a bench with milk baskets for seats ,they loves it !.
 All in all it was a great day ! Just hated to see it end .So now back to making quilts!

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  1. Cheryl,

    It was a great day, and every time some one new comes to the RV to visit. Lou wants me to show them the School House Quilt that you made and you know there is one thing wrong with it, you have not signed it!!!. You will have to do a signature tag for it and I will sew in on the back. I truly love it and I have a place in mind for it as soon as I get home. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. I love you,


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