Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stephen Foster Quilt Show -25 Years

I entered 5 Quilts in the show this year . 
It has been a few years since I was there last ,
 I had to have them  in Live Oak at the Library by the 11th,
so I left here to go to Mom's on the 10th .
It cost $3.00 per quilt this time and $5.00 per person to go to the show . 
Mom and I were really surprised about that, but it was well worth it ,
 I got 3rd place on my Volcano Quilt called Mighty Eruption.

The Mighty Eruption

   Whirlwind of color another one almost like my first quilt ,only this one was machine quilted .

        Flowers From Heaven made at Mom's with her help.
        Rusty Shabby Chic this one was made from rusty items ,I posted about this after I made it .
     And this little one called Misty Roses- the first one , the last one is beautiful, looked like lots of hand sewing !
     Later I will show more quilts by others .and then the new Christmas things we made while waiting from the 11 to the 18th for the show . The show lasted until the 20th but we only went on the 18th, then on Sunday I had to pick them up.


  1. Some friends and I went to the show on Saturday. Your volcano quilt was a hit with all of us...which doesn't often happen as we have such differing tastes. I didn't realize that so many of the quilts were made by one person (you); you definitely quilt a variety of styles and techniques! :)

  2. Sara, Thank you for your comment , I really enjoyed making the volcano quilt, I have also made an underwater one and an Outer Space one in the past . I am hoping my next one will be of the land ,maybe in the 4 seasons.
    I am so glad it was a hit with all of you , wish I could have met you , Mom and I were there Friday.
    Being an artist and a quilter I love making all kinds.


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