Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More Quilts~Stephen Foster Quilt Show

 A varity of quilts made by others. ,The ones above are hand quilted.
           This Quilt was made By Mabel West~ She named it a Thousand Memories, but told me there were more than a thousand 1" squares in it and one button.  I never did find the button.
Some of them were in the Tower, I did not get many pictures from there.
                       The 3rd quilt in this picture is beautiful!
Mom looking at the detail
 This couple was looking and talking about my 2 quilts .wish I could have heard what they said .
 Mom looking for hand quilting.

This picture is kind of fuzzy but the quilt was excellent ! I loved the pattern used to make this.
I loved this one, good piecing and machine quilting, loved the boarder too.
Redwork and extra's from the museum.

           A beautiful Christmas Quilt with dogs, bones and paw prints .

   This lady has always made some excellent appliqued quilts and all done by hand !

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  1. Oh my gosh, Cheryl they are beautiful. Lou and I are not surprised that you won a ribbon on your quilt. It is beautiful.


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