Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Hint ~ Something Different

 Last week I was looking on Pinterest ,trying to get an idea for a new quilt, hoping to find something pretty simple to put in the quilt show for this month.
 I found several good ideas, I was looking at lots of  Zentangle Art, decided to try that and just use the fancy stitch designs from my machine , I spent a long time last Friday working on it .I worked on it some more today .
I do not think I will have it done in time for the show, but it is ok, as I have other quilts to enter too. So I will have to measure, name the quilt and fill out paper work before wed.night as I will be on my way to Mom's Thursday . the quilts have to be there by the 11th.
 If I get all my running and paper work done, maybe I can get it done by Friday morning before 9 AM .
Wish me luck ! Thank you !

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