Thursday, February 21, 2013

Need Name for my Fish

Last week my DIL gave me this fish, I was surprised ! I guess she decide to get it for me because they have a huge salt water tank and I said something about how I used to have a fresh water tank when the girls and Kevin we little, I won a gold fish from the Citrus Festival, the gold fish had gotten pretty big , I don't remember if I had a name for him, but I sure do miss having him.
This is a female Betta ,,right now she is in a small fish bowl, later on I would like to put her in a bigger tank with other fish , but I need to investigate what kind of fish she can be with, so they do not bother her tail.
I am trying to think of a good name too, but I am stumped .
Her tail is a mix of blue ,purple and white.
 Any suggestions ?

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  1. I am foster caring a make beta named Oscar and a female named shelly...


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