Thursday, February 28, 2013

Church - Handkerchief Doll

               Its been a long time ago that I used to make these a lot !
               I just made this today as I am wanting to make more items for our Christmas Shoe boxes  for children all over the world.
               I knew I had some left over that were not complete, I finally found them after looking in every tub I had in site , I knew they were not far, as I had seen them last week.
So I made this sample to show the ladies at church. see if  I should go ahead and make a few.
               I have made so many different types of dolls I wish I could have taken pictures of them all ,I do have some but will have to scan them on to the computer ,I don't think I took any of the Dream Dolls I used to make. I wish they still made the plastic body and head but have not seen any in years .
               Anyway the church dolls is very light weight and it helps to keep little ones quite in church or for a little girl that may be sad or  lonely. I need to come up with one for boys too. However that pattern may be more difficult.This doll is just the head with a square cloth wrapped around her head and sewn down at places then ribbon to help make the hands and arms.The hair is yarn that I wrapped around a special rod, after wetting the yarn a little and heated it in oven to make the curls tight, I'd leave the yarn on until it cooled the cut to length desired. Face on doll is hand painted . If I do make more I will have to paint more as I only had like 4 finished faces  .

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