Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Full Skirts

 Made 2 more full skirts for Chloe and Sarah when I got back from Mom's in Dec.

Then 2 more skirts for Great Grand daughter Emily and her little sister,.I really enjoyed making them they were easy to make , just time consuming!


  1. hey i really love these skirts...where did you get the pattern...

  2. Hi Sherry, Glad you love them ,I do too.
    I did not have a pattern , I just cut them so many inches wide according to the height of child or length I want them.,be sure to allow for seams. The top is the full width of fabric the the second is 2 strips ,third is 3 , forth 4 and so what I did was add an extra piece to each roll, making it 5 pieces on the last roll ,I did push gathers.and worked them in to fit the next roll, It is easier to start with the 5th roll and work your way to the top.
    Hope you understand how I did this .


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